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Thanks for listening to us , it means a lot

About us

Think, Dream, Create and Recreate. This is what the kids’ world is all about.

Their world is full of characters and their stories full of wilderness. They can make an elephant sit on a bicycle and a fish to fly in the air. There are no limits to their imagination.

KidYaan aspires to be their “exclusive audio platform” where there is no limitation to their Thinking. They are free to create their own characters, sketch their own imagination and fly with their dreams.


Our vision is to be an alternative space to manage screen time for kids. Our aim is to be an audio platform which gives wings to Kid’s imagination, thereby improving their creativity, storytelling abilities and auditory skills.

Audio Time instead of Screen time

There is a parallel discussion on the impact of video on kids and we do believe, that while a video is all about “observing what you see” whereas, audio is “imagining what you hear.”

After all, the whole world is their canvas. Let them explore, make them hear stories and create characters in their mind. Listen to their narrations and see through their observations and you would certainly notice the limitations of their visual exposure.