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kidyaan September 28, 2022 192

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Mothers’ want the best for their children when it comes to food. A healthy food directly affects kids energy level and behaviour, as they say ‘a well-fed child is a happy child’. Feeding time is also a great bonding time between the both if food is enjoyable. Hence the correct choice is necessary.
The new age mothers are very informed and leave no stone unturned to provide the best. Their child is their most loved project, therefore they search a lot about the product and take an informed decision.
With the lifestyle change, healthy eating is picking up as a choice in today’s world. Mothers, thankfully have a lot of options available in the market for their children.

To make their quest of providing the best easier, here is the curated list of healthy eating options for kids which is wholesome, nutritious, delicious and healthy.
Choose as per your kid’s needs, preferences, and taste pallet and convert all fuss eating sessions to fun eating sessions.

1. Slurrp Farm

This brand has a range of healthy and natural food for kids with a zero junk policy.
Founded by two mothers, the product line is curated in a way where varieties, taste and range are well taken care of.

No Junk, healthy nutritious kids food

Website : https://slurrpfarm.com/

2. Soulfull

Soulfull is a Tata-branded product. It has a range of millet-based products suitable for the new age snacking and breakfast options.
The brand has tapped the goodness of millet and made it new cool. In short, kids can be convinced to consume at least one meal of millet easily and willingly.

Millet infused healthy kids food.

Website : https://www.soulfull.co.in/

3. Timios

Timios which means honest in greek is a new brand on the block with again a wide variety of healthy options available for kids.
Started by two veterans a Nutritionist and an Investment Banker, the product variety is interesting as per new age preferences.
It offers an age-appropriate range of products loaded with goodness on the inside and fun on the outside.

kids healthy food and snacks

Website : https://mytimios.com/

4. Lil Goodness

Lil goodness is a brand which is offering a range of snacks for kids with added nutritional benefits without compromising taste.
They want to introduce a culture of healthy snacking and nutritional awareness for a better and healthy generation tomorrow.
The range of nutrition boosters catering deficiency of Vitamin D and B12 is a cut above the rest.

Nutritional food with flavour

Website : https://lilgoodness.com/

All the brands put together have varied options for meals as well as snacks. Hope this helps you in making a full proof healthy meal plan for your kid.
We wish our picky eaters enjoy these handpicked thoughtfully curated products and make healthy eating choice with a smile on their face.

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